This Deluxe Edition CD features 5 previously unreleased tracks in addition to the standard release.

A vivid contrast to the original edition, here we find “From Paris with Love” stripped down and acoustically driven. The guitar work of Anthony Wilson takes the lead, in place of Gardot’s 2020 ambitious project with her “Global Digital Orchestra” linked here. “Love Song” no longer boasts the Royal Philharmonic Orchestral in accompaniment, but instead celebrates the traditions of jazz with a guest feature by Ibrahim Maalouf on trumpet. She then briefly tips her hat to her jazz roots in Philadelphia with two titles: “What Is This Thing Called Love”, and Trav’lin’ Light”. The final highlight, a live performance captured during their first meeting: Antonio Zambujo and Melody Gardot singing together on a bare-bones version of C’est Magnifique (Live in Namouche Studios, Lisbon).

“I remember hearing outtakes of my favorite artists and loving these more than the more official tracks. There’s something beautiful about being able to hear what happened in the room without bells and whistles. It’s paying witness to the exploration. I’m happy to share these with people who dig that vibe “ – Gardot