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Live in Paris, 2012

Live in Vienna, 2013

Live in Bergen, 2013

Live in Amsterdam, 2012

Live In Frankfurt, 2012

Live In Barcelona, 2012

Live In Lisbon, 2015

Live In Zurich, 2013

Live In London, 2016

Live In London, 2016

Live In Utrecht, 2016

Live In Utrecht, 2016

Live In Utrecht, 2016

Live In Amsterdam, 2016

Live In Paris, 2016

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Dear Listener...

Perfection is an ideal that we as humans beings are always seeking - as if it were possible to cater to everyone’s senses around the world at once - as if beauty and the majority of its components were somehow universal. Time and our ever-evolving minds will show us that the notion of great art is forever subject to the viewer and whether his ‘rose-colored glasses’ are foggy or clear - whether he is a modernist or a classicist - whether he is educated or simply observing for the first time - whether he is religious or agnostic - whether he is cool or miserable... Everything and every notion is relative. Beauty and its eventual impact is so dependent upon how we are looking - from where we are positioned - and in the case of music, how close we are to the speakers while the sound is pouring out.

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For this i could never understand why critics could hail an artist’s work only after his death - or why neon colors were hip - why Melody Nelson never soared straight out the gate then wound up a ‘classic’ - why a ‘63 Corvette was always goregous, but we love it more now that its nearly gone. What is this game we play with beauty? This feeling that everything was better before than it is now... This nostalgia...Time is passing - more so now than ever - blink and you’re 30, 40, 50,... Sleep too long and the day is done. Work too hard and your kids grow old - wait too long and you miss the boat - think too much and you forget to feel - the road is waiting and the journey isn’t nearly as long as we think... Someone told me once - ‘don’t look back cause you ain’t going that way’. That’s nice, but if you can’t turn around every now and then i suppose you won’t see time sneaking up on you either. We all need a quick glance in the rearview to get our bearings straight... This disc is just that - a rearview mirror of that ‘63 Corvette’ - a postcard from our tours around Europe - we’ve been muscling along the highway these last few years, seeing the world, taking in the breeze, loving the journey - and trying everything in the book to break some rules and make something hip (and that ain’t easy to do when you already got a bad hip...). I dreamed to have a live album since many years ago. Something that would be a dedication to the people who welcomed us all over the world. At first, i had wanted to seek out the “best of” in a way that would illustrate the most perfect performances from our concerts over the last few years. I struggled listening to over 300 shows, judging, analyzing and critiquing every solo, every note, every phrase... it was painstaking until finally i reached a breaking point... i heard a song that made me cry - not because of the performance itself, but because of the memory of the feeling of that evening... and then suddenly, i remembered the point of all of this... why this album exists as it does is simply down to the ‘feeling’, the nostalgia, the memory - its not about perfection or ego or demonstration - it’s just about what happens live - because live there is only one element that counts: Heart. This album holds my heart, and the love of all the people who supported us along the way. It is as much a gift to me, for the memories it holds, as it is my gift to you, the listener. This album is simply a very long thank you to all of you. I am forever grateful.



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